Name of our first cryptocurrency:

KaratGold Coin – KBC

KaratGold Coin – KBC

The KaratGold Coin – KBC is not just backed by gold…

The KBC is physical pure gold in digital form, each KBC coin is designed to represent and will be exchangeable to 0.1 gram of CashGold in the near future.

The CashGold Notes – 24K 999.9 Pure Gold Embedded


Unlike most other cryptocurrencies that are just based on ideas with no backing of anything physical, the KBC is a cryptocurrency based on a tangible inflation-proof asset (gold) that has preserved its value for thousands of years and has been still functioning as money ever since.

Cryptocurrency “KaratGold Coin – KBC” has Gold as its Exchange Value – Interview with Harald Seiz (5 mins)

Interview Harald Seiz (Voice over English) (8 mins)

KaratGold – The Beginning Story of a Gold Mine (2 mins)

Learn more about this cryptocurrency, the KBC. It will be known to the world within these few years as one of the top cryptocurrency.

Go to the main website and read the white paper.

The ICO phase is over and this cryptocurrency has so much potential that all the 12 billion KBC are SOLD OUT within 5 short months. The KBC is now only available for acquisition in top exchanges like Coinsuper, HitBTC, etc.

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