Credibility Of Karatbars Intl

Karatbars International GmbH is a global e-commerce company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

The visionary leader and the founder of Karatbars International GmbH, Mr. Harald Seiz founded the company in 2011, and it has consistently earned its global reputation. The company has sponsorship, partnerships, licensing agreements, and endorsement with several big names and top corporations like FedEx, MasterCard, The Vatican, Real Madrid FC (football club), Moto GP, Gold Medal Olympians, Charities, Hollywood producers and actors and many more!

Since 2011, it has been a fast growing global company. Karatbars Intl has passed all government laws and regulations set by the country, and has been actively operating its global e-commerce business in more than 118 countries worldwide. The company already has reached out to hundreds of thousands of people across the world to save in physical pure gold at affordable sizes and has plans ahead to open in more countries in the future.

With such brilliant global image and reputation, people no longer do due diligence on Karatbars Intl, however, everyone is still encouraged to do their own research so as to see for themselves the type of integrity and upstanding validity that Karatbars Intl truly has….

To truly know about the company’s credibility, visit Karatbars Intl Magazine website at

Karatbars International GmbH


Office Address:  Vaihingerstrasse 149A. 70567 Stuttgart, Germany

Contact & Support

EU Support phone number:  +49 (0) 711 128 970 00

USA / Canada Support phone number:  +1 224 829 00 47

Lines open German Support

Monday – Thursday:  9am – 12.30pm CET 1.30pm – 6pm CET

Friday:  9am – 12.30pm CET1.30pm – 4pm CET

Lines open English, French, Spanish and Italian Support

Monday – Saturday:  9am – midnight CET



Companies Register

Amtsgericht Stuttgart HRB 739615


The Karatbars Prepaid MasterCard is issued by Prepaid Financial Services Limited pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Incorporated. Prepaid Financial Services Limited is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. What else can be better assurance of the comapany credibility than having its own MasterCard?

LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) Accredited Refinery

Mr. Harald Seiz’s mission is to deliver the highest quality gold available in the market, therefore Karatbars Intl partners with only the top refineries in the world. The gold Karatbars Intl uses for their transaction friendly pure gold bullion card and CashGold comes from the very few best refineries which are capable of producing gold bullion that meets the world class ‘Good Delivery’ quality standards set by the LBMA. And it’s only the very few world best refineries that can earn accreditation by the LBMA.

FedEx Express

Karatbars Intl engages FedEx Express for its worldwide assured delivery services to deliver exclusive products to their customers and affiliates around the world.

The Vatican

Karatbars Intl was endorsed by The Vatican, which gives support and approval for Karatbars Intl to have the image of Pope John Paul II to be printed on their specialty Limited Edition gold bullion card. In fact, the Vatican has one of the strictest policies in regards to licensing of their name and images. This was indeed a great honor for Karatbars Intl.

Real Madrid F.C. (football club)

Karatbars Intl has official partner license with Real Madrid FC. It is the most valuable sports team in the world, worth €2.5 billion and it’s also the world’s richest football club with annual revenue of €549.5 million.


Karatbars Intl has official partner license with MotoGP (Grand Prix motorcycle racing), the premier class of motorcycle racing events held on road circuits. Independent motorcycle racing events have been held since the start of the twentieth century, and large national events were often given the title Grand Prix, the foundation of a recognised international governing body for motorcycle sport.

Automobile Club de Monaco

Karatbars Intl has official partner license with Automobile Club de Monaco, a motoring club based in Monaco. The club serves as the governing body for motorsport within Monaco, and organises the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix and Monte Carlo Rally. It is a member of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, representing Monaco as a mobility and sporting club.

Deprivation the Movie

Karatbars:  Marketing Coup Leads to Hollywood. Karatbars has now even made it to Hollywood. And that is no exaggeration. Behind the scenes of the US horror-thriller “Deprivation,“ the actors were equipped with a personalized Karatbar card that included the actor‘s name, their photo, and, of course, a small gold bar next to the movie title. 

A wonderful, unique piece, the “Deprivation“ gold card shows once again how innovative the Branding Card from Karatbars International GmbH is.

“Deprivation“ was shot in early March in Rome, Italy, which will be released in the US at the end of the year and is expected to be shown in German cinemas next year.

The experience will remain in Jana Julie Kilka‘s memory for the German Actress, best known for “Verbotene Liebe“ (the ARD-Soap), filming “Deprivation“ was quite special as it was her first international film production.

Jana Kilka’s co-stars were Costas Mandylor ( “Saw“), Vincent De Paul (discovered as a Menswear model by designer Gianni Versace), Kirsten Lea, and Dominique Swain. “Deprivation“ was directed by the successful Brian Skiba ( “Blood Moon Rising“), whose films have been seen by over 70 million people in the US alone.

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“Deprivation“ is based on a story known as “Russian sleep experiment“. In the late 1940s, researchers were said to have detained six Russian people and then subjected them to a gas that caused insomnia. After a few days without sleep, the researchers observed paranoid behaviors in their prisoners. On the ninth day imprisonment, one of them began to scream.

In the film, the prisoners mutate after a few days to become zombies.

Jana Kilka, in her first Hollywood role, plays the villain‘s accomplice, and (spoilers!) she dies a cinematic death. Ultimately, Jana Kilka was pleased with how the film turned out. In memory of the shooting of “Deprivation,“ Karatbars designed a special card for each of the main cast.

The card, which is a plastic card in credit card format, showcases the actor‘s name and photo and the film title “Deprivation“. And the great thing is,“ says Jana Kilka on the movie set, there is a real piece of gold in it.“

The “Deprivation“ gold card is not likely to have the same worth as a Hollywood film star‘s salary.

However, the beautiful actress is well aware that gold counts as currency around the world. And with gold bars in their wallets, Jana Kilka can accept more international film offers, because in an emergency,“ she laughs, I can always come home.“

As the German Hope in Hollywood, Jana Kilka received much praise from American colleagues. But Jana, who, still excited from the Hollywood flair, flew back to Germany, wasn‘t the only one who impressed the Americans.

The Americans in Hollywood were dazzled by the Stuttgart “Gold Boys“ and their various gold products. Karatbars is very pleased with the great response to its successful marketing concept.

The Karatbars showcase in Hollywood proves the potential for even more partners. And, as has already been reported by numerous German and international media about the film shoot, Karatbars has once again strengthened its international presence.

Karatbars now has a taste for Hollywood. At this year‘s International Film Festival in Cannes, the Karatbars International GmbH will be represented as well.

At the beginning of the year, Karatbars International GmbH began extending its product range, which includes branding cards, collectible and gift cards with gold bars from 0.1 grams, and Karatbars chocolates and cosmetics. And many more products Karatbars looks forward to sharing with you. A world of gold awaits us!

Ricky Cardus

Katatbars Intl is an official sponsor of Ricky Cardus, a famous Grand Prix motorcycle racer from Spain. His helmet and motorcycle bearing the logo of Karatbars Intl. He has 2 of his own Collector gold bullion branding cards.

Branko Lustig

Branko Lustig (born 10 June 1932) is a Croatian film producer best known for winning Academy Awards (Oscar) for Best Picture for Schindler’s List and Gladiator. He is the only person born in the territory of present-day Croatia to have won two Academy Awards.

Kathy Garver

She is an American stage, film, television, and voice-over actress most remembered for having portrayed the teenage niece, Catherine “Cissy” Davis, to series character Uncle Bill Davis, played by Brian Keith, on the popular 1960s CBS sitcom, Family Affair. Before that, she was cast as a slave in the film The Ten Commandments (1956). Garver authored The Family Affair Cookbook (2009), “Surviving Cissy: My Family Affair of Life in Hollywood,” (2015) and “X Child Stars: Where are They Now?” (2016) (Fact|Date 2016)

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April Steiner Bennett

She is  a professional female athlete in American Pole vault. She won a Silver Medal at the 2007 the Pan American Games and also took part in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. 2012 & 2014 Olympic Team Alternate.

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Gold Medal Olympians

Martina Sablikova, a world famous speed skater who endorsed Karatbars Intl with her own branding gold bullion card. She is a Czech speed skater, specializing in long distance races. She is an Olympic gold medal winner and a multiple World champion. She became the first Czech to win two Olympic gold medals at one Winter Games in the 2010 Olympiad. The profits from the sale of these cards will help to build the first ever indoor speed skating track in the Czech Republic….

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Karatbars supports charities, churches and non-profit organisations including;

Voices of Africa: empowering  impoverished women and youth to improve their communities sustainably through the use of innovative and cutting edge information and communications technology and fair trade income generation.

The Lighthouse Project (US) : empowering communities in every state across America through programs and training that improve life skills, encourage cooperation and appreciation of all people, and heal the strained relationship between residents and law enforcement.

The C4 Program: supporting first respoders to secure our schools and communities.

And There Are So Many More…

These top organisations and famous individuals do have more than enough resources to have their own lawyers/solicitors to do their due diligences before signing an agreement with Karatbars International.

The background photo is the handover of the solvency certificate CrefoZert by Jürgen Bischof (right – from Creditreform Stuttgart) to Harald Seiz, CEO of Karatbars International GmbH (left) in his business premises.

Harald Seiz said “Having a good credit rating significantly strengthens the trust of our customers and partners in our business model: From now on, it is proven by the CrefoZert quality seal”,

Here is the message form Harald Seiz to all his partners, affiliates and staffs

“A good reputation is essential for our business.

So when the renowned German credit rating agency Creditreform awarded us the solvency certificate CrefoZert, we were pleased but not really surprised because we always do our best to do the right things right.

Now we do not want to bother you with lots of technical details so we will simply summarize the essentials. Karatbars belongs to the 1.7% of companies who have earned a solvency rating of “A” or higher.

That’s what we call leadership. No flip-flops. No double-talk. Just straight decent business. And because a company is only as good as its partners, affiliates and staffs, the award is a compliment to you all.

Thank you very much”.

27 Oct 2016, Harald Seiz, CEO and Founder of Karatbars International GmbH was appointed Senator by the German Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (Bundesverband für Wirtschaftsförderung und Außenwirtschaft – BWA).
The goal of Harald Seiz is to develop innovations on the subject of monetary policy, hand in hand with the domestic and foreign policies.

Harald Seiz says;

“I am convinced that we can make a difference because a debt-free currency is within our reach, but we can only bring change if we take joint action.”

The company Karatbars International is already working on it; 24k Gold is the oldest currency in the world.

“We want to set an example and show the world that it is possible to introduce debt-free means of payment.

With the help of politics and the general public we have a huge opportunity to provide a better life to people worldwide”.

This is the reason why hundreds of thousands of customers and affiliates worldwide have been touched by the vision of this man Mr. Harald Seiz. He set up Karatbars International as a global company with a global mission, he is already working on achieving his goal by producing gold in small denominations, which everyone can afford to secure and protect their wealth by taking physical possession of the oldest currency in the world, 24k Gold.

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